What Our students say

Neal and I have been working together for 15 years. Never a more invested, thorough guru. Neal - I.O.U. - Kacie Sheik (Jeanie in HAIR))

Neal created my technique. He found concepts and images to help me configure the vocal tract and breathing muscles that I'd only used unconsciously. More importantly, he knows that making music isn't only about making beautiful sounds--it's about expressing ideas and emotions in a beautiful way. Only when your objective is communication, rather than "sounding good" can a compelling performance arise. That's what I've learned from Dr. Tracy, so far--

Zach Borichevsky--professional opera singer (Edmondo - Manon Lescaut - The Metropolitan Opera)

Dr. Neal's expansive, never ending knowledge of music and vocal technique makes him a life changing voice teacher. He transformed my voice with technique as well as through different genres of music. I never expected to put my pop/rock music at the front of my audition book alongside the legit soprano, but Neal has given me the confidence in my voice to sing in multiple styles of music equally well. Neal's dedication and commitment to his students is unmatched. His work ethic paired with decades of experience make him a world class voice teacher.

Ruby Westfall - Rider University musical theatre BFA - class of 2017

"Neal starts where Sheri Sanders ends."

(Sheri wrote Rock the Audition.)

Mary Saunders - Head of Voice, Penn State Musical Theatre BFA program

Neal Tracy knows more about pop rep than anyone, and he combines it with a rare ability to help musical theatre students sing pop and rock.

Scott Wheeler, Co-director emeritus, Emerson College MT program

Neal Tracy is a master of the voice...simply put. The technique he teaches is essential to anyone who longs to have a consistently solid instrument...but...the thing that sets him apart is the fact that he realizes the best singers don't sing with their mouths, they sing with their hearts.

Lucas Steele (Tony nominated Anatole - Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812)

Without Neal, I wouldn't even be close to being on Broadway. Neal gives me confidence to sing for important auditions for casting directors and creative teams. He can explain a song like its never been explained before; in a way that you know the song and how to sing it. If I have to repeat a section 100 times to get it right, he'd say it in a nice way. He'd say, "Do it like this," or something. It's not boring. It's really fun.

I'm never afraid of walking into an audition room because of Neal. Every project and Broadway show I've ever gotten; I couldn't have done it without Neal.

Finn Douglas - Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

I never imagined the range of styles I would be able to master and sing in auditions. Neal has a knowledge for the instrument that is unmatched and an extensive repertoire. He has helped me see the potential within myself.

Amanda Robles - Elena of Avelor - Walt Disney World 

I appreciate all your time, help (in different ways and situations) and the confidence that you had in me before I had it in myself. When I first started singing with you I thought this "new sound" was actually quite unattractive but something about you allowed me to trust you. I gained octaves, consistent command of my voice and the versatility to be employed in gigs ranging from Led Zepplin to Italian arias. I can say that I can sing anything and I can actually prove it. Not much is built to last but this voice we built doesn't let me down. You had a lasting, fulfilling, life changing effect on my life, mind and music. I will love you forever!

Michele Zayla

Neal has been a godsend for my career, my life and my voice. I entered college with zero knowledge of singing outside my own cobbled-together technique. Neal taught me how to sing with bravura, charm, and passion on a consistent and healthy basis. By the time I left college I had sung four musical theater leads, had a ringing high C and felt confident in many styles of singing. I have since performed in over 100 professional productions and won many regional theater awards. None of this would have been possible without Neal's guidance. Neal has stood by me through gerd, personal issues and professional doubt. He has been giving of his time and supportive with his words. He is as supportive of me as a husband and father as he is professionally. I always sing better on the way out of a lesson. He is my mentor and friend.

Ben Dibble - award winning regional actor/singer